Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The lore of this book stems from an assignment given to Napoleon Hill. (He was an investigative reporter.) He was tasked to interview Andrew Carnegie and discover the reason for the divide between the extremely successful tycoons and the common worker.


Letter to Brandon: 21 Year Old

I am writing you this letter because of the inspiration from another me to tell me to give to you mentor ship.

Planning for Success: Seven Questions to Ask Yourself

When you are planning for success, sometimes the most important thing to do is to really know yourself inside and out.

Art of the Sell: You Commit

Gaining commitment is a great asset to a sale, but is not necessary. It will however make the sale that much easier. Look for certain keys that may help you lock them into a commitment.

Art of the Sell: What the Customer WANTS

What engages a customer is emotional connection. The question “How does this make me feel?” is the emotions connection. This is the WANT. A salesperson that answers the WANT will always possess a higher sells conversion rate.

Art of the Sell: Re-framing Control of the Sell

Among the plethora of jobs I have had throughout my life, probably the hardest yet most useful were sales positions….

A.C.T.N.G. UP: Mindset of Failing

What happens…..?

What happens when the path you take and decisions you make begins to crumble?