Motivation [Chapter 8 of 8]

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Good Incentives and Feedback

The impact of motivation pegs on two very important factors—giving people the right incentives for their jobs and giving them the right feedback. Take one of these things away and you are probably not going to get the results you hope to get.

When you give people good incentives, you are showing them that their efforts are not in vain; that they will get their due reward for putting in efforts. This is a very important aspect of the motivation game, something that the corporate world goes full out on. Almost everything that these huge corporate entities do as ‘perks’ for their employees are actually nothing but motivational incentives. They want their people to do a better job and that is the reason they give out all those freebies to them. Remember that there is nothing like a free meal, and that is so true in this case.

Another important leg of your motivational endeavor is to give the right feedback. The word of appreciation is a much-ignored factor in today’s corporate world, but it is necessary. If someone does a good job for you, you should tell them that they did a good job so that they can continue it with interest. If the job had some kinks in it, let them know that too, but do so politely. This will show them that you are taking an interest in what they are doing as well, and they’ll go ahead with it in a more enthusiastic manner.


Good Incentives

Incentives are usually a monetary or non-monetary reward given to an employee for his good performance. Monetary incentives are given to an employee to recognize his good performance. It is usually paid beyond what his monthly salary is and is usually paid as a percentage of the collection, sales or team performance for a specific time. Whatever be the form and the way these are paid they are utilized to motivate the people to perform by rewarding those who have performed well.

For certain people monetary rewards are no longer a viable reward and they no longer provide them with the necessary impetus to perform well. In such cases non-monetary rewards are utilized such as:

  • (a) Added responsibility which goes a long way to infuse a sense in him that he is entrusted and looked after by the company and the company trusts him with added responsibility.
  • (b) Open forum where the juniors and subordinates of the organization are asked to put forward their suggestions on to how the organization can perform better. Often this goes a long way to infuse a sense of pride and belonging to the juniors who are otherwise not motivated by money.
  • (c) The organization can also chalk out a plan to promote the people who have spent a considerable amount of time in the organization and deserving a job role change with added responsibility. This helps them to refocus and ensure that are happy and contributing to the organizations cause.
  • (d) Praising in public is also another form of good incentive where you publicly recognize the person for his performance and praise him for that. This is a huge morale booster for an individual as it directly affects his sense of pride, and reputation in the peer group and gives him the necessary motivation to achieve bigger and better. In another way, it also motivates the ones who are not that performing and inspires them to perform.
  • (e) A good and supportive working environment is also important in providing a necessary impetus to perform. Basic amenities a comfortable seating, safe and decent environment are some of the basic which affects the mind and thus the performance of the individual.
  • (f) Training and job enrichment are also an important way of employee satisfaction and motivation. When the organization is putting money into the training and development of the employees they are indirectly sending out a message that the organization values them as assets of the organization. Their further development is a responsibility for the organization. This also helps motivate the employees.

An interesting way that a rewarding system can be conducted can be taken from Canon’s rewarding system that operates something like this. Canon’s internal suggestion system awards a certain number of points for every suggestion that is accepted by the organization. The top 20 people who have accumulated the highest number of points from the time of the inception of the system is awarded a gold medal and a cash prize. Since this system might get repetitive being some people are way ahead of the rest in terms of accumulated points a second system where the top 30 people with the maximum points earned in a year are also awarded is maintained. These 30 people are awarded a silver medal a lesser amount of cash in prize.


Effective feedback is a way to convey a message to the individual how he is performing. Take into consideration a simple everyday example. When we visit a restaurant, we often leave the table dissatisfied because of the poor quality of the service. However where do we convey the message that we were dissatisfied? We never leave a feedback except may be the tip that reflects how satisfied we were.

Similarly, in every organizational structure and even in personal life providing feedback is an effective way of conveying to the individual whether he has room to improve. We provide him with a general view point whether he is doing wrong or all right and where are the areas in which he can improve. Until and unless we do so, he may have absolutely no idea that he is far off the target and needs to improve urgently.

In organizational structures when you delegate you should review and provide feedback. Sometimes when you discuss the performance in a face to face scenario the individual may be able to come down to his gray areas of performance himself and suggest ways to improve that.

Wrapping Up

Motivation is a much-needed ingredient in today’s world. We are all working, but our efforts are often misguided. We are distracted with too many opportunities and we cannot focus on the task in hand. We do not understand what drives us. That is watering down our efforts, and the lack of proper opportunities and an environment to work in is impeding our progress as well.

If we are motivated, we can overcome all these problems and move along in a much better, more sure-footed manner. We will know where to go and what to do.

This applies for everyone, and we must keep it in mind when we are on the giving end of motivation as well. When we want people to do their optimal best, to really make some progress, then we need to motivate them in the right manner.



This is an 8-part Series on Motivation both for yourself and others. If you want to read Part 1 again CLICK HERE. Part 2 CLICK HERE. Part 3 CLICK HERE. Part 4 CLICK HERE . Part 5 CLICK HERE. Part 6 CLICK HERE.  Part 7 CLICK HERE.

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