Motivation [Chapter 3 of 8]

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What Can You Do to Motivate People?

The most common visual you conjure up when you think of motivation is the dangling carrot and the stick. This means using either rewards or punishment to get the job done or to make some behavioral change.

carrot and stick

But, today, as we learn more and more about people and human behavior we know that the task is far more complex than that. There are several things that you can do and others that are a complete no-no. Starting with the latter. You should never threaten a person with dire consequences to get something done. Nothing is more guaranteed to backfire and  achieve the exact opposite result. But there are several thing you can do to motivate others.

  • The Emotion Factor – Appeal to their love for acquiring things by providing concrete rewards, be they in the form of cash, kind or recognition. Let them know in advance if you are going to reward performance and make it amply clear what it is that is expected out of them. Then, when they deliver the results make sure you keep your word, reward them as per your promise.
  • Find the Right Incentives – Performance incentives are a very powerful tool and if you treat your employees fairly they will go the extra mile for you. Make sure that your program is well structured, well communicated and well understood throughout the company. Make the goals achievable and divide into short term (low hanging grapes) and long term (annual harvest) goals. Discuss the goals and involve the employees in the goal setting exercise. That way you ensure buy in and the employees understand their stake in accomplishing the tasks that will help them reach the agreed goals.
  • Always Listen – Always listen to your people and treat them with respect and kindness. Being arrogant and listening only to your own voice is as good as being blind and deaf. Be fair but firm. listening-1Deadlines need to be respected and a laissez-faire attitude will not do. Most importantly, reward them for working in teams. One plus one literally means three, maybe even four, in the context of the corporate world, as it is through interaction and sharing of knowledge that you arrive at the best and most innovative ideas and efforts. People also enjoy working with other people and when positive energy flows, it multiplies as the load is shared and work becomes fun.
  • Give Constructive Feedback – Offer fair feedback without aiming to curtail their creativity. You need to be very sensitive when doing this or you could easily demotivate. Always recognize achievement preferably in public. Give people space to produce results. Give them the tools and the resources and support them in their endeavors in every way you can. All these are factors that will motivate them to give you back in kind. Always keep the channels of communication open. This will enable you to learn of potential problems at an early stage and to fix them before the problem gets out of hand.



This is an 8-part Series on Motivation both for yourself and others. If you want to read Part 1 again CLICK HERE. Part 2 CLICK HERE. Part 4 will be posted tomorrow.

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