Motivation [Chapter 2 of 8]

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How Does Being Motivated Help Others?

When we are speaking of motivation, we need to realize one very important thing. Motivation doesn’t just help the motivated person to do better; it also helps other people who are associated with the person in some way. For instance, if you or your spouse are motivated to start a new business, and that business starts growing, then the entire family has benefited. Here, just one person is motivated, but that motivation has helped a entire family. This can be extrapolated to larger scenarios.

A motivated leader of a company could benefit the entire organization. A motivated president could benefit the entire country. A motivated freedom fighter could bring about a revolution for the betterment of society and the world at large. Hence, motivating others is important to you. Especially if you are in some position of power and you deal with people all the time, then it becomes important for you to keep your people inspired. Only when they are inspired will they feel that they can do a good job for you and for the entire society or organization that you are a part of.

Motivating People in Real Terms

Motivating others is one of the chief challenges faced by leaders in politics, corporations, clubs, and other organizations.  They need to show results in terms of sales, profits and the social good achieved by their respective enterprises. to their shareholders, but the amount they can do by themselves is very limited. They therefore depend on their managers, subordinates and teams to get the job done and to meet the annual targets. Here is where the task of motivation comes in. Left to their own devices most workers will just shy off.

Tea Break

It is something of a joke in Kolkata (India) that the babus or clerks take a ‘break’ from their continuous sessions of tea to do some work. So, one of the most vital tasks of the CEO is to motivate his team to deliver the desired results.

If you want people to work and to work together as a team to achieve results in a specific time frame you need to use many ways to motivate them. Successful motivation requires a combination of structure and incentives. It also calls for communication, communication, and communication. It is no longer just a carrot and stick approach. It requires special skills and cannot be done by any and every one. See if you can motivate your dog to fetch his bone for you and you will better appreciate how difficult it is to motivate humans.

Motivation, a Valuable Skill

Motivating others is a skill that is always rewarded with sweet success. Thus, motivating others helps you achieve your own goals. It also gives you the satisfaction of having helped a fellow human being realize his own potential. Any CEO knows the value of this. People are the most valuable resource in any company.

In addition, all people have some talent, which is usually hidden, lost under a pile of everyday routine. It is for the wise CEO to give all employees an environment in which their talents can bloom. Moreover, when this happens, the employee become self-motivated and you cannot stop him from achieving his goals even if you tried to.

In the terrorist attack on the Taj Mahal hotel Mumbai, in 2008, many employees laid down their lives in trying to help their clients out of the hotel safely. So remarkable is this that Harvard has commissioned a study to understand what motivated these employees to do so. The credit is given to the management team, that motivated the employees to put guest safety of their on.

The achievement of results, the satisfaction of a job well-done, the success of the enterprise, the altruistic rewards of helping your fellow men achieve self-actualization… These are some of the benefits you will derive out of motivating others. It will help you head a team of people who are happy because they are involved in an enterprise and all rowing in the same direction. It will help you become a better person.

This is an 8-part Series on Motivation both for yourself and others. If you want to read Part 1 again CLICK HERE. Part 3 will be posted tomorrow.

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