Time to Dominate this Year – High Standards, High Performance

One of the main reasons that many people don’t achieve their life’s biggest goals is because they put off to a later time what they can do today. Unfortunately, time passes and that later time rarely arrives, leaving you full of frustration and disappointment.

You have a choice, you can either try and achieve your goals the hard, slow, painful way by not utilizing a system for achieving your goals, or you can use your time wisely to transform your life in creative and unusual new ways. The world’s most successful people, use daily routines and habits to move them toward achieving their goals and finding success consistently. These practices and daily routines are what separate the high performers from those who waste valuable time and procrastinate.

Peak Performance vs. High Performance

It is important to understand the difference between peak performers and high performers as you begin your journey to crushing your goals. People who focus their time and energy on peak performance are looking to win once, but find that they can’t sustain this state over an extended period, with a decline in performance after the desired state has been reached.

High performance, on the other hand, isn’t about working faster or harder or becoming adept at multitasking. The high-performance techniques you’ll learn in this chapter will help you to achieve excellent results for each area of your life consistently. The methods will also help you reduce the stress in your life while enhancing your health and increasing your feelings of well-being.

Daily Planning

One of the simplest and most effective secrets of high performers is their commitment to planning their daily activities. They know that by consistently planning their activities for the day, they will get the best results from their efforts.

Planning your daily activities will allow you to make the most of your time and will enable you to get the same results as high performers. Your daily routine will ensure you are always moving forward and taking the actions necessary for achieving your goals.

Block Out Time for Your Goals

If you want to be able to achieve a lot more in your life, you need to start blocking out a certain amount of time during your day where you are focusing solely on achieving your goals. Without this, your progress toward achieving your goals will be much slower.

If you don’t block out this time, leaving everything to chance, you will find that time will quickly slip by you, never allowing you to work on the actions steps you determined for achieving your goals. Unless you purposely block out the time, you will never get the time to work toward your goals. During the time that you are working on your goals, you need to minimize distractions. This means turning off your phone, closing your email, and logging off your social media accounts.

Winning Back Time

You may mistakenly believe that you don’t have the time to set aside to work on your goals. However, if you make small changes in your life, you can win back your time. For instance, by shutting off the TV an hour earlier than usual, you can get to bed earlier, making it easier to get up earlier to work on your goals before you head to your job.

High performers are experts at time management and don’t have any qualms about eliminating activities that don’t move them toward achieving their goals. When you first begin to manage your time more efficiently, you may feel like you’re giving up your freedom. However, you’ll soon discover that it has the opposite effect. When you eliminate those activities that aren’t benefiting you or your family, you’ll be left with what’s truly the most important.

You will find that you have more time to create and live a life you want, rather than your life being created for you. You will also be surprised by how much time you’ve now created for the activities that matter most to you and that contribute to your happiness.

Create a Daily Success Planner

Creating a daily success planner will help you to develop a routine and assist you in blocking out the time to work toward achieving your goals. The daily success planner that you produce will allow you to get more done during the day and can help you quickly transform your goals into reality.

A daily success planner will help you block out time for you to complete high-priority activities, making sure you are taking consistent actions towards accomplishing your goals. You can either create your success planner at the beginning of each day or the end of the day for the following day.

To create your daily success planner, take a sheet of paper and write down the names of three of your most important goals or projects that you are working toward. These could be your short-term, medium-term, or long-term goals or a combination of the three.

Under each of the projects, list up to five steps you need to accomplish that will help move you toward achieving your goal. If there are others involved in helping you to progress on the projects, make sure you write down their names. Next, you need to write down the list of people who are expecting to hear back from you. At the bottom of the page, write down your top priorities for the day. These are the items that you must get done, no matter what.

It’s amazing how a simple tool like a daily success planner can be so powerful in helping you achieve your goals. It can help you create miracles in your life and will allow you to achieve anything you want.

Increasing Your Energy and Focus

How you feel has a dramatic effect on what you can achieve. When you have a clear mind, amazing things become possible. However, if you often feel sluggish, you won’t achieve as much during the day.

As you move through your day, your energy starts to become depleted, leaving you feeling tired and overly stressed by the end of the day. This is the natural rhythm of life. However, you can learn how to replenish your energy as you move through the course of your day.

High performers have found that taking short breaks throughout your day is better for your performance than multitasking. By taking short breaks, throughout your day, by the end of the day, you’ll find that you have more energy than usual, and will have also accomplished more. Studies show that each break only needs to be between two to three minutes long, and be taken every hour. This allows you to maintain a sustained level of high performance in all your tasks.

By taking a short break every hour, your mind can recharge and refresh, allowing you to resume your work with more focus, clarity, enthusiasm, and energy.

Creating Change in Your Environment Through Action

As you act toward achieving your goals, you may notice coincidences starting to happen. However, you will also invoke a different response from your environment. No matter which goal you are working toward, you should expect to encounter challenges along the way. These challenges may at first make it seem like you are heading in the wrong direction. However, with any significant goal that you set, there will always be a certain amount of inner changes that you will have to undergo to achieve it.

When you experience challenges that stretch your life, it shows you that you are worthy of achieving that goal. The bigger the goal you set, the bigger the challenges.

The fact is, that without these challenges, ones that force you to grow, can make it virtually impossible for you to achieve your goals. It’s the challenges that bring about the changes needed for you to accomplish anything in your life.

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Time to Dominate – Bringing It Together



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