Time to Dominate this Year – Importance of Goal Setting

Setting goals gives direction to your subconscious mind, helping you to achieve your goals. They give you a path in life. However, setting vague goals like “I want to make more money,” or “I want to live a happy life,” won’t end up leading you to a fulfilling life. Your subconscious is a powerful machine, and gaining an understanding of how it works is a big part of setting goals that are successful. Maxwell Maltz, the author of Psycho-Cybernetics, explains how setting goals gives your subconscious mind direction.

“Your automatic creative mechanism is teleological. That is, it operates in terms of goals and end results. Once you give it a definite goal to achieve, you can depend upon its automatic guidance system to take you to that goal much better than “you” ever could by conscious thought. “You” supply the goal by thinking in terms of end results. Your automatic mechanism then supplies the means,”

Your subconscious mind behaves similarly to GPS; it is continuously scanning the environment around you for the information relevant to the details you’ve given it. Therefore, setting goals that are clear will provide you with a higher chance of accomplishing them. A strong signal is sent to your subconscious mind, allowing it to unleash its power of focusing on looking for opportunities to achieve the goal.

Setting Goals Empowers You

When you begin setting your own goals, in all significant areas of your life, rather than letting someone else set them for you, you stop giving your power away. When you set goals for your relationships, finances, career, health, and personal life, you begin to take your control back and become more empowered. You begin to make the conscious choice to become the creator of your own life and start to take responsibility for every single aspect of your life. Taking the time to figure out your goals for your future will make a significant impact in your life. What would you do differently today if you knew how much you wanted to make in five years, where you wanted to be in twenty-five years, or how long you wanted to live?

Setting Goals Improves Your Self-Esteem

When you set clear goals, you can begin to improve your self-esteem. Having clear goals and knowing what you need to do to accomplish those goals not only builds your self-esteem but reinforces it as well. Part of our self-esteem, according to Nathaniel Branden, author of ‘The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem,’ comes from a disposition to experience ourselves as competent to cope with life’s challenges. This means that with every goal that you accomplish, you will feel better equipped to deal with other goals and problems in life.

One of the best predictors of personal happiness is directly related to high self-esteem. Consistently accomplishing the goals, you set for yourself is one of the most efficient ways to build your self-esteem.

Setting Goals Changes Your Reality

Regardless of whether you achieve them or not, setting goals is a valuable process. When you set goals, it gives you the opportunity to think about your future, allows you to reflect on your values, and helps you to discover what really matters to you. Setting goals will bring you clarity and will enable you to see the bigger picture.

As soon as you begin setting clear goals, you will begin to reconstruct your reality and start to realize that the dreams you previously believed to be unattainable are in fact achievable. This process starts when you start identifying your actual goals, no matter how ambitious. This begins the process of being able to overcome your limiting beliefs that stem from past experiences. Your prior limiting beliefs make it more difficult for you to obtain the life you want and deserve. As you begin working on your goals, you’ll quickly start to realize just how restrictive limiting beliefs are and you will figure out just how many of them are because of repetitive messages that you receive from friends, family, and the media. Finally, setting clear goals will provide you with the chance to assess your current situation and will help lead you to close the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be.

Setting Goals is Good for Your Health

One of life’s best medicines is setting goals that excite you and can be good for your overall health. In fact, having a life’s purpose is one of the nine common characteristics shared by people who live to one hundred. On the opposite end, those who no longer have exciting goals that motivate them, often die within a few years after retirement. This is especially true for individuals who heavily identified with their job. Many people don’t want to set goals because they are afraid of failing to achieve them. However, people who set goals consistently and are unfailing in their pursuit to realize those goals understand that every time they set a new goal, they are creating a better life. They are making a compelling new cause, resulting in a more fulfilled and happy life.

Unfortunately, too many people allow fear, lack of understanding, and temporary setbacks to keep them from achieving their dreams. What they fail to understand is that achieving their goals is a lot easier than they think. Setting goals and taking the appropriate steps to achieve those goals allows you to create the future that you want.

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