The Greatest Salesman in the World – OG Mandino


Hafid was an elderly man near the end of his days. He had gained riches beyond measure and was renowned as a master businessman. Perhaps the greatest that ever lived. He now lived alone not because he was unloved but because his loved ones passed on before him. Hafid was well loved and respected by his workers, business cohorts, and townsmen and women. He was respectful, grateful, and always jovial. Hafid was philanthropic; giving a substantial percentage of his yearly earnings to charitable groups.

Now in his advanced age, Hafid lived in his palace with only his house workers and book keeper Erasmus. Erasmus was a faithful worker and a loyal friend. Although Erasmus always questioned Hafid about business dealings, Erasmus always trusted the decision because of the past successes. So, it would come to no surprise that Erasmus would question the decision to ” take tally of all I (Hafid) have and distribute it amongst all the workers and business partners in my business circle and save only an amount to keep the palace until my death.” Erasmus questioned; Hafid countered, Erasmus complied.

After the task was complete, Hafid showed Erasmus his most prized possession: A small less than elegant wooden box with 10 scrolls of parchment inside. Hafid went on to explain to Erasmus that “THIS” was the reason for all his riches. Erasmus, understandably confused, wanted Hafid to explain:

Rules of the Scrolls

  • Every scroll needs to be memorized and mastered before moving on to the next.
  • Scroll I should be fully committed in your heart, mind and soul every day after you wake up, before you eat lunch, and before you sleep.
  • Scroll II – X are the steps which need to be taken to be test best possible salesman. As you master each, you will notice your riches and overall well-being improve.

The Scroll Marked I

Today begins a new life.

By choosing to dedicate yourself to the life of salesmanship, you are dedicating your life to understanding what it means to be human. Regardless of the profession, salesmanship is a skill that is necessary for success. You sell yourself when interviewing for a job, dating a romantic partner, and even while talking casually to friends.

Committing yourself to the principles of selling will gently push you to become a better person. You will develop the ability to deal with rejection. You will develop an “eye” for noticing the subtle emotions that people work to hide. You will develop the ability to be a mastery of negotiation. Also, if you are serious about committing to be an ethical salesman you will have riches beyond your imagination.

Like all things worth having, it will take time and effort to master the art of being a salesman, but riches in both financial and personal growth are the reward for the commitment.

The Scroll Marked II

Always have and show love.

Every day that you are alive show love. Love the sun that shines and warms your face. Love the chill of the night that that quickens your senses to cause shivers. Be thankful for all the world offers, good or bad, and approach circumstances with love in your heart. With love being your true intention, regardless of the situation, you will also win.

The Scroll Marked III

Persist until you succeed. “I was not delivered into this world for defeat, nor does failure courses through my veins…. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, and to sleep with sheep.

The prize of live in not in the beginning of the journey but the end. Trust the process and endure. If you fail, it is not a failure. It is an opportunity to better yourself by strengthening weaker areas. If you are met with obstacles, be wise. If you can avoid then do so, but if there is no other option have more endurance and outlast. Every battle does not need to be won, but never consider defeat as a viable option.

The Scroll Marked IV

Understand your greatness and work to be great.

There has never been another person as you that has ever lived before nor will live after. You are unique in who you are, so there is no need to honor others uniqueness more than your own. Appreciate the beauty of others’ greatness, but understand that you are great in your own right. Be unique, you are one of “nature’s greatest miracles.”

Knowing and internalizing this fact, it is up to you to discover, grow and unleash as much of you unto the world as you possibly can. Always commit, show love, and be persistent towards developing your unique self with the intention in showing the world who you are and what you can do.

The Scroll Marked V

Be appreciative of the present.

Don’t whine on past missed opportunities. Tomorrow will replenish new ones. Yet, don’t put off all hope in the future. Tomorrow is not promised. It is ok to look to the past for direction and a wise man plans for the future, yet the unwise do not take advantage of the only time that is guaranteed, right now.

Understand that every minute that we are not strategic on accomplishing our task and goals, today, is a minute that is never renewed. Time is the most important commodity. When it is gone we can never retrieve it, and there is no guarantee that new time is given. With this in mind, take every opportunity to accomplish as much as you can today. Stay persistent and continue to use every hour, minute and second toward your goal.

The Scroll Marked VI

Master your emotions. Do not let over eager emotions deter you from your goal.

Always be appreciative of every success and learn from every failure, but manage how each makes you respond. Having positive emotions in excess is as bad as being negative and depressed. To allow emotions to be in excess will drive you away from your goal. Every day is a new wave of emotions that need to be mastered. Successes and failures from the previous day should not impact the tenacity of today.

When the pendulum swings with emotional highs or lows, always remind you self of the opposite, so you can balance yourself. When you are sad think of the happy times. When you are angry think of a time of laughter. When you are overconfident, think of a failure. If you feel overly proud, think a moment of weakness. Always remember, you are in control and are responsible for your emotional actions. To master your emotions is to manage them.

The Scroll Marked VII

I will appreciate the joy in the world. I will seek out that joy.

Learn to laugh more. Laughter is the contagious. Laughter is a cure for a sadden soul. Laughter is a precursor to joy. Look for the happiness in nature that bring a smile. Search for the beauty of creation that brings pleasantness. Use these manifestations of joy to your advantage. Let this be the energy, the fuel for fulfilled success. Success without joy is as bad as no success.

The Scroll Marked VIII

I will multiply my value by adding value to others.

Everything you touch, you speak, you do should bring joy and add value to others. The intent of your abilities should be geared toward helping others become better. If you are a salesman, sale people the products that will benefit them the best. If you a singer, your songs should resonate at a near molecular level that engulfs the listener in euphoria. If you are an architect, your designs should cause an emotional response.

The Scroll Marked IX

Action is always better than non-action.

Dreams are worthless, plans are like dust, and goals are impossible and have no value unless followed by action. The universe rewards the actions of a doer. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Whatever your goals or plans, the more actions you take in the direction of your task, the more likely you are to accomplish your goal. If you are lacking in knowledge, skill or strength, action to strengthen those areas will always increase your intelligence and ability.

The Scroll Marked X

Never forget the power of prayer and being thankful.

Always be appreciative in what you do. Pay homage to the giants that paved the way for your opportunity of success. Become a communicator with the source. Always ask for guidance and actively seek the answers the source will give.

Be Humble. We are only alive an infinitesimal amount of time. Arrogance is not warranted when you have no power over the foundation forces. So be thankful and grateful for the ability to achieve.


Hafid ultimately passed away but not before having Erasmus pass on the chest and scroll to a man that the universe chose as worthy.

This book is an easy read that can be absorbed in a few hours. The story manner that the main points are iterated makes learning the steps to success more natural to how we learn. I give this book……

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