Letter to Brandon: 21 Year Old

Dear 21-Year-Old Me,

I am writing you this letter because of the inspiration from an older me to tell present me to give younger me mentor ship. (Multi-time line theory. You will understand a zeal of what that it is later in life.)Related image I want to give you advice with warning and hope. For the sake of not changing your future. I will NOT go in to specific details and specific road blocks, because I am an older you and I know “US,” you will avoid those road blocks like the plague. These check points will ultimately define who you are, and the advice I give will be beneficial in making sure you do not repeat the same problems over and over and over and over again.

The Sooner You Take Responsibility The Better.

Yea, I know you do not know why. But you will soon. You’re on top of the world. I remember that feeling. You are in route to have everything you ever desired. Be grateful. Be prepared. Do NOT become arrogant. Sit down, Be humble (Again, this will make sense in due time.) Remember you favorite biblical parable concerning the Pot Maker. You are not only the pot maker but both the pot maker and the pot. Image result for free pot maker photoAs counter intuitive as that may seem, remember the pot maker makes the pot and the pot represents him. So, a flaw in the pot also represents flaw in the pot maker.

You have so much potential and so much pride.  Yet, you have not tasted defeat and that is dangerous. Because of this you do not know how to handle the responsibility of success that will come with failing. You have a mentality of opposition to failure and what it ultimately represents. This is a major downward spiral. You do not look inward for the answers, you look outward. You blame other people, objects, entities, etc. for your situation, yet YOU ARE TO BLAME. When you come to grips that only YOU have the power and ability to control how your actions control your future, you will be empowered more than you know. THE SOONER THE BETTER.

You have a stubbornness towards trusting leadership. ALL leadership. This manifest itself even in benefiting from the advice of mentors. Image result for mentorsI wish I could be your mentor and guide you step by step but even though I am you and you are me, I know you must do it your way. Since you must be who you are, read everything you can on leadership, personal power, personal development, autobiographies of your heroes, etc. These genres of books are most beneficial for pushing you over the “hump” to begin trusting others of authority. The other books you read are ok, however they will not help you as much as you think.

Look, we both know why you lack the trust for taking advice from leaders. Just because all the tough questions you had on various subjects were only answered when you researched them and not from the “leaders” who you trusted, DOES NOT mean you have ALL the answers. You will need help. Someone to talk too. Someone more experienced in your trajectory to teach you the more efficient way. Again, THE SOONER you Learn this THE BETTER.


So…. at this point you are close to tuning me out. That is fine because at this point, I know the destination at least 10 years from now you will take if you do not listen. You didn’t turn out to bad. Through much determination and perseverance, you accomplished quite a bit although you won’t believe so. You WILL be married with a beautiful child. You WILL have a college degree (the degree will shock the hell out of you). You WILL be a budding business owner and entrepreneur. You WILL have the capacity to give back. You WILL be ok.

I HOPE this is helpful….. I HOPE this benefits you…… I HOPE you will take my advice and speed up the process. If not, at least you know you will survive.

Sincerely from YR 31,

Brandon Boyd


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