Art of the Sell: You Commit

Hey EduceYouites,

Among the plethora of jobs I have had throughout my life, probably the hardest yet most useful were sales positions. It taught me how to speak to people with confidence and direction.

In my childhood, I sold newspapers and was consistently top sales person in school fundraisers. As an adult I worked as a credit card processor salesman (made more money that lost),  debt-collector (very successful), and Collegiate novelty store salesman (I was the Up-Sell King).

Art of the Sell: You Commit

Selling is a process. It’s not talking brashly and hoping your customer wants to buy without being sold. (That is only about .01% of all sales.). Customers are always “on the fence” when it comes to buying. They have multiple voices is their minds at once contradicting each other, and that cumulative mind buffers any attempt for you as a seller. One way to CONTROL the FRAME, and even skip the STORYTELLING phase of the sell is to have the customer commit to the product and sell conditions.

You should to make the customer want to buy, and to commit themselves to your product. Without commitment, there will be no sale. A best practice is to have a customer pre commit to a sell buy establishing conditions of a sale and US as the seller match that condition. AS LONG AS THE CONDITIONS ARE REASONABLE. This can be as easy as making the customer verbally indicate if “this” happens they will purchase your product. Sellers “Quid Pro Quo” .Once you have gained commitment it is your job as a good salesman to hold up your end of the bargain

Gaining commitment is a great asset to a sale, but is not necessary. It will however make the sale that much easier. Look for certain keys that may help you lock them into a commitment. If they say they will buy your product if you can get a stain out of their carpet, then get the stain out. People as a whole are good hearted and well intentioned and won’t go back on their word. Often times you gain commitment when overcoming an objection. For example if the customer says “I would, but I can’t afford it”. If you said “So if I made it 100% affordable you would definitely invest in this product”. Once they commit, it is up to you to work with the price to fit it into their budget.

Gaining commitment early gives you an edge in your sales pitch. Find out what their main problem is right away, and if possible solve it immediately. This will not only create an immediate WANT in the customer, but it will help you gain commitment early. After you have commitment, constantly remind them of the problem you solved.



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