A.C.T.N.G. UP: Mindset of Failing

What happens…..?

What happens when the path you take and decisions you make begins to crumble?

There is nothing worse than feeling like a failure. I know that most, simply cannot stomach the idea of being unable to live up to their our expectations and/or the expectations of others.

Often, it takes one…..

Only one unintentional flaw ,in a plan, that snowballs , to send us in a despair spiral for days, even years, and sink them into a deep depression.

What’s worse is:  Staying stuck in the mindset of believing that our plan didn’t work out because us OR our planning process was inherently flawed. This is self defeating and self devastating  and self sabotaging. It can take YEARS to recover from the mental abuse we imposed on ourselves.

We begin feeling impotent, powerless, inferior, unworthy, inadequate, feeble, worthless, and every other adjective describing uselessness.

It is easier said than done but at this juncture, we remember are not worthless or useless..

Especially when a plan WE started wasn’t successful.

Remember: The universe rewards action many times more than inaction.

If only we could remember “that” when we engorge our psyche with blame over and over, again and again,

Just because something didn’t work out, DOES NOT mean that WE are doomed to be a failure. Failure should be thought of as an OPPORTUNITY for growth. Failure shows flaws in a plan, not a failed plan. Remember Thomas Jefferson inventor of the incandescent light bulb.

As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Failure simply means we need to start A.C.T.N.G. UP (acting up)

Ask the right questions. Why did OUR plan fail? What was it that got in the way? How could those issues have been avoided? What could WE do better in the future?

Consult your team. The common colloquialism, “Iron sharpens, Iron,” is implicit in OUR teams DNA. If we don’t have a team. FIND ONE. Find mentors. Find those that are wise in our weaknesses. Find those that are encouraging, but are honest. Find those who have traveled down the path we are traveling and willing to teach us to avoid certain mistakes and guide us past potholes and road blocks.

Trust the process. When the focus is SOLELY on the end result, we begin to miss learning opportunities. Small flaws that could have been avoided if more attention was placed on the path. The process (path) contains all the check points where we discover the actions needed for success.

NEVER GIVE UP. As I wrote above. The universe rewards action many times more than inaction. It is inherent that we fail, however we are naturally tenacious. That is the human way. We humans (compare to every other creature on earth) are feeble creatures from birth to adulthood.

During this time, we fail and fall and escape distress and imminent danger much more than our successes. However, it only takes ONE SUCCESS. Just ONE time to GET it Right…..to build the confidence to break the cycle of despair and self-pity. The tenacity to NEVER succeed but NEVER quit until we get it right. In essence we fail to succeed. But this only happens when we NEVER GIVE UP

It takes 1-2 years to walk, 2-3 years to talk, 10-13 years for adolescence, and 18-21 years before adulthood…..

Failing SUCKSSSS….

BUT, we have the ability to turn failure into opportunities if we just employ FIRST, a understanding that failing is necessary to truly earn success. After this “MIND SWITCH” employing the A.C.T.N.G. UP to have a timeless template for moving forward towards your plan, goal, or path. Remembering that we grow the most when we have the opportunity to correct flaws.

Failing SUCKSSSS…. but It’s Necessary…..

See Ya!!

Brandon Boyd


Every moment is an amalgamation of YOUR past experiences, YOUR present awareness, and YOUR future goals. Representing who you are is a way to show the genuine YOU: unapologetic, unabridged, and uniquely genuine.This is only the beginning….

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