Represent Who You Are


Represent who you are..

REPRESENT who you are…

What does that really mean? What does it mean to REPRESENT WHO YOU ARE? Yes… it does sound cliche. Yes… it may sound cheesy. And yes….To a few eccentric individuals the combination of words, WHAT THE F@#% is this person talking about.. would seem akin to an appropriate response.

It’s not just a trendy saying… a cliche…a clever smithing of words, or even an affirmation to empower the subconscious mind to be your best self. Representing who you are is ( or at least should be) a way of life. Representing who you are is the back bone of YOUR personal individuality; YOUR personal likes and/or dislikes; YOUR ability to accept what YOU want for yourself and others under your UMBRELLA OF SELFISHNESS (I promise I will explain in the future.)

Every moment is an amalgamation of YOUR past experiences, YOUR present awareness, and YOUR future goals. Representing who you are is a way to show the genuine YOU: unapologetic, unabridged, and uniquely genuine.

This is only the beginning….

Representing who you are goes much deeper than what you read above. But I can only give you a taste for now..

You can eat the main course later.

See Ya!!

Brandon Boyd


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