Hi My Name is Brandon… and I’m A Reader.

I love to read..

I don’t know why. Its just one of those things..

My love and infatuation for ingestion of others’ knowledge: who are better and wiser that I, borders on obsessive and I think I need help. I would say I’m joking but then I would be a liar. I will read just about any thing , in just about any format.

So as mentioned before, I am an avid reader…However, I am a reader whose book  genre changes to aid my personal development at that time.

For example: 5 years ago, Every Book I bought and read had a truthful science theme; Michio Kaku, Brian Greene, Neil D. Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Ray Kurzweil, etc.

Next was the SELF-HELP and , movement of 2015.

I purchased and strategically read probably 50 books ranging from Sun Tsu to Robert Greene to Yogadanda.

At Present, my Genre of Choice is practical SELF-HELP: Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Simone Synek, Etc.

I wonder if this adaptive reading behavior is normal, healthy, or insane. Regardless that is who I am and it has served me well… I think.

Any Hoo..

Give me some comments.

What are your favorite books? Do you go thru Adaptive Reading Behavior or are you a one genre type?

You all have a good one and remember.

Every moment is an amalgamation of YOUR past experiences, YOUR present awareness, and YOUR future goals. Representing who you are is a way to show the genuine YOU: unapologetic, unabridged, and uniquely genuine.

This is only the beginning….

See Ya!!

Brandon Boyd


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