Blogging in Starbucks

So this is a new endeavor for me…..

At this present moment… I am sitting in a Starbucks/Barnes&Noble drinking a Toasted Butterscotch (delicious BTW) Frappuccino, eating a Chocolate Mousse (also delicious),  and blogging on my 12.9 IPad Pro (2nd Generation).



Blogging…. BLOGGING….


My wife doesn’t know. She already thinks I am weird. (That’s why she love me though).

Hell..At this point I even think I am weird. (Let my brother tell it, “I need a Check.”)

Any hoo…

This is new for me because:

I really do not like writing. I believe I can write and express myself through written well. Although I am only taking the encouraging words from the people who have read both my prose and technical writing. (My day job is a PhD candidate researcher at the University of Alabama. ROLL TIDE!!!!)  Writing has never appealed to be the “Calling for my Life.” This is because the writing process takes too much time.

You write and write. Then you proof your work. (It sucks) The after corrections are made you proof again. (It’s better). You entrust others to proof. (It sucks again, because your brain fooled you during your proofing step). Then you cry, cuss, and fix the corrections. Now you have a decent post.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Or at least I thought…

During the past 3 months, it has become evident that I need to learn to better craft the writing skill that I have dreaded. I am the founder and Executive Director of a Non-Profit Foundation (AEBoyd Foundation) and chief grant writer; I created a management consulting company (Lexoydeal,LLC Management Consulting) and write business plan; I have a web store (Lexoydeals) and need to write effective descriptions for products; I am still researching; and I started email marketing (

So it is evident that writing efficiently and effectively is a must.

Hence, blogging… Practicing a skill with a determinative intent and purpose will ALWAYS manifest in immeasurable growth of said skill. Which leads to an obsessive joy in performing said skill.

Simple version… If I write more, then I will get better at writing; which in turn will make me want to write more.

BUT WHY…. blogging in Starbucks.

I’ve noticed others utilize coffee shops for working in the past, and figured they were weird. Figured I would give it a try. Working on the just say YES mantra.

Well, I can honestly say, “I now understand” and I will now be one of the weird ones.

Never again will I squint my eyes and silently judge. I understand the chaotic peace that comes from smelling coffee and allowing the conversations of others becoming white noise in you head and the warm embrace of books that almost force vibrations of productivity.

So now I am believer.

You all have a good one and remember.

Every moment is an amalgamation of YOUR past experiences, YOUR present awareness, and YOUR future goals. Representing who you are is a way to show the genuine YOU: unapologetic, unabridged, and uniquely genuine.

This is only the beginning….

See Ya!!
Brandon Boyd



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