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I remember when I FIRST started my entrepreneurship journey. I remember the internal conversation I had with myself.

  • Man, I’m about to start a business, make millions and retire the 3 hardest working women in my family.
  • I know it’s not going to be easy but, I ‘m an engineer and I have been trained to expedite processes.
  • I will start making enough money shortly. Enough so I can reinvest in the business and it will fund itself.

So, yeah….

That was the conversation….. That I had…. In my mind….

Fast Forward to the present and I will be the FIRST to tell you how naive I was. Yes I was an engineer and was taught to streamline the process, but I didn’t know how massive the process to building a business was. I disregarded how easy it is to have shiny object syndrome and how “WRONG YOU CAN ACTUALLY BE.”

Now that I have earned my stripes and have a successful Marketing Firm, Lexoydeal Marketing, I can truly feel confident in writing and curating education to help other entrepreneurs like myself.

That’s’ what EDUCE YOU is about.

Educating Early Entrepreneurs in practicality and motivating them to continue the journey. 

With that being said, Enjoy the Content And Educe Yourself

Brandon Boyd